Your special day deserves a special night.
That’s where we come in.

When you’re planning your wedding, things have to be just right. The band is no exception. Dancefloored don’t just play songs, but perform them with personality to make your day even more special.

We take so much care in creating just the right atmosphere for you and your guests, right from the moment we arrive until the moment we leave. We can tailor our set-up, performances, DJ sets and all of the little extras to your exact liking, or you can simply let us take care of all of it so you don’t have to think about a thing! Whatever you want, we can do.

We’re more than happy to take song requests from you prior to the big day; in fact we love learning new cover tunes, no matter how obscure! If you have any favorites that you want to hear on the day we will do everything in our power to bring them to life! Of course it goes without saying that we are always honoured and thrilled to play a couples’ first dance live, so if you want that we will make it happen! Want to know the best part? We offer all of this as part of our package.

Dancefloored also offer a comprehensive DJ option, meaning that you can get the party started before we play our live set and carry on partying after the encore! The DJ sets are as flexible as the live sets, so they can be arranged around your evening however you’d like. You can give us as much or as little guidance as possible, so whether you wanted to provide us with the exact track list, all of the music but leave the ordering up to us, a playlist for us to choose from or just a few/no songs and have us sort out the DJing independently, it’s no problem at all.

We can guarantee to make the build up to your wedding night smooth and stress-free. Then make the night itself spectacular, unforgettable and unique.

Because no other wedding night should be like your wedding night.