Energetic, experienced and lots of fun.
Meet the musicians who want to make your event unforgettable.

We thought that you might want to know a bit more about the people behind the music, so here’s the lowdown on our four band members…

Holly – Lead Vocals / Keys

Holly’s bright, warm vocal tones and enthusiastic stage presence gives off the kind of passion that audiences can feed off.

Whether it’s a soul track, Motown number, a dance tune, indie banger or anything in between, Holly’s got it down with her incredible range and infectious energy.

And to all of those people who are “too cool to dance,” Holly’s got that natural ability to get anyone on their feet, so if we’re playing you might as well get on the dance floor early, because Holly will make it happen sooner or later!

Holly also adds an extra dimension to the band’s repertoire with her keys, which make the tracks we play sound that crucial bit more authentic.

She really is the life of the party!

David – Guitar / Backing Vocals

David’s got some serious skills on the six-string. He can flip a track on its head with anything from a little melody to a free-wheeling solo, while his jam-packed (and ridiculously cool) effects board make for some show-stopping moments!

But that’s not all. His all-action performances are as electric as his guitar and he loves to feed off the rest of the band and the crowd!

David has plenty of musical history behind him, having played in a number of bands including the Birmingham-based indie group Rogue States, who have supported artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight and Editors.

David gets the band’s energy out there into the crowd!

Paul – Bass / Backing Vocals

Paul’s natural rhythm gives the band an undeniable swagger. Whether it’s a big chorus or a tight verse, he’s got it locked down.

But it’s not just the bass that Paul takes care of. He knows the inner workings of the band inside out and makes sure the whole group flows effortlessly before, during and after a performance.

The word ‘experience’ doesn’t really cut it with Paul. He has a vast musical background, having played many genres of music with all kinds of artists. He brings all of this and more to Dancefloored.

Oozing with ability in all areas, Paul really is a classy customer.

Sam – Drums / Backing Vocals

The heartbeat of the band, Sam keeps everything locked in tight. That’s until he completely lets loose, then the fun really begins!

Sam knows his way around the kit like the back of his hand and injects a different energy into each track. Confident and adept at all musical styles, he uses his instrument to create the right foundation for all of Dancefloored’s chosen tunes. But he’s always got another gear up his sleeve, so get ready for him to ramp up the excitement at any moment!

Sam has a wealth of performing experience, having been behind the drums alongside classical instrumentalists and indie rock musicians alike. He has drummed at gigs ranging from the spectacular Lichfield Cathedral to the superb indie venue The Sunflower Lounge.

Sam is guaranteed to get you working up a sweat in no time!